is an online learning portal that helps anyone learn software, design, and business skills to achieve their personal and professional goals.TrainingTek is an unique community which bridges the gap among learners,providers and lecturers via online.

Our members leave feedback after they have attended training, providing you with a peer-qualified quality opinion.we give our valuable customers learning and teaching experiences that they love! In other words, we empower Learners and Instructors to become more effective and also enjoy what they're doing. Key features of the TrainingTek include:

  • 24 X 7 Support - We Provide 24 X 7 Support to the customers throughout the world.
  • Free Registration - User registration in TrainingTek is free.
  • Unlimited Access - Unlimited Access To study materials

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Contributing Knowledge

Expand beyond classroom walls and reach an unlimited number of Learners at their time and place.

A trusted source for knowledge.

Empower your Instructors with TrainingTek. Provide Personalized Learning experiences in a scalable & profitable manner.

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Handle many more Learners with even better quality. Use TrainingTek to reduce operational costs and watch your profits soar!

Features of TrainingTek

  • List view catalogue of Courses offered by your Academy
  • Multiple pre-configured package options for every Course
  • Different validity periods for different packages for the same Course
  • Pricing table with options/packages chosen by your Academy
  • Your academy can be accessed by clicking on a link from website.
  • Your Logo will be displayed prominently in the top bar on the web pages.
  • Your Tagline is displayed prominently in the top bar of the web pages to reflect your slogan
  • Your contact information (for Academic , Administrative, and Technical Support) is displayed in the top bar of all your web pages
  • You can choose colors that uniquely identify the look and feel of your web pages
  • Populate the Course Profile page to explain in detail about the course being offered and to promote the course.
  • More than 16 Course features such as Summary, Category, Requirements, Course Validity, Goals and Objectives, Intended Audience, Display of promotional Videos,
  • Revenue earned by the Academy in one place
  • Detailed breakdown and statistics
  • Choose custom time ranges
  • Study purchase patterns
  • Documents and images can be added as Handouts which can be posted independently or can be attached to a Video
  • Documents in the following commonly used file formats are allowed for upload: .txt, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf
  • Images in the following commonly used file formats are allowed for upload: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp
  • Author/Admin can view content statistics
  • Statistics include the total amount of recorded video content and duration, number of demo videos in each Chapter, unpublished content in each Chapter etc.
  • Can be used as a planning tool by Author and monitoring tool by Admin
  • Admin/Author/Instructor can view various Learner statistics using the Dashboard, powered by Atomic Analytics
  • Aids in deriving insights about a student's progress, performance, and study patterns
  • Possible due to the vast amounts of very minute data that we track, collect and analyze using our own in house specially developed technology
  • Give personalized feedback to Learners based on the insights


Watch. Listen. Practice. Learn.

You set the pace with online learning. Learn what you want, when you want, and practice with the instructor's files while you watch and listen.

  • Use our discussion forum to post a doubt or discuss a topic
  • Email notification when doubt is posted or replied to
  • Response can be given by Instructor or by fellow Learners
  • Instructor response can be in different formats such as text, image, document, and video